a safe plan that generates maximum profit with a minimum risk!

Private Branding

You too can become an owner of a digital store that generates maximum profit with a minimum risk!

Our experts will run a feasibility study using our cutting-edge technology to predict market needs and accordingly produces hundreds of different goods to be featured in our client’s digital stores under TCM’s line of products.

Our unique business model makes this plan a “safe” one. Clients in this plan share the perks of a commune-based economy, maximizing the profit while risks are being hedged: All the marketing costs are being shared among the members of this plan, while profit sharing is equally done, based on the the initial investment in inventory.

Because of low production costs, in this plan our clients enjoy a high annually profit of 30%-40% while profit sharing is done every quarter, after an initial period of 15 months.

In addition, this plan allows you to invest your profits in re-buying more products for your store and increase your income from interest rates.

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